[unixODBC-support] Can't Get isql to Work

Jason Maitlen Jason.Maitlen at OntarioSystems.com
Tue Apr 7 02:09:42 BST 2009

For "isql -v CRMSNEW uid pw":
[S1000][unixODBC][Caché ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 11001]
Socket: Host not found
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

My /etc/odbc.ini DSN (note I removed the uid and pw) is:
Driver          = InterSystems ODBC
Protocol        = TCP
Host            =
Port            = 1972
Namespace       = CRMSNEW
UID             = 
Password                = 
Description             = CRMSDatabase
Query Timeout           = 0
Static Cursors          = 0
Trace           = yes
TraceFile       = /tmp/isql.log

My /etc/odbcinst.ini entry for the above DSN is:
[InterSystems ODBC]
UsageCount              = 2
Driver          = /usr/cachesys/bin/libcacheodbc.so
Setup           = /usr/cachesys/bin/libcacheodbc.so
SQLLevel                = 1
FileUsage               = 0
DriverODBCVer           = 02.10
ConnectFunctions                = YYN
APILevel                = 1
DEBUG           = 1
CPTimeout               = <not pooled>
TraceFile               = /tmp/isql.log
Trace           = yes

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Jason Maitlen wrote:
> I've been successfully using PHP to run queries with the odbc 
> functions against a datasource configured in /etc/odbc.ini. I copied 
> this DSN over to a new one and redirected to a different host and DB, 
> but it won't connect. Because of this problem I started messing around 
> with isql and found that neither one of these DSNs worked from isql. 
> Shouldn't any connection that works from PHP using the odbc functions 
> also work with isql since they use the same DSNs and drivers?
> *Jason Maitlen*
If everything else is the same between PHP and isql, then if one works 
the other will too, if something is different, then maybe not. I guess 
the thing to find is what is different.

You haven't said how isql fails, run with -v to how errors

isql -v dsn user password

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