[unixODBC-support] DSN=... notation not accepted

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Thu Oct 30 18:04:10 GMT 2008

Andreas Buschka wrote:

>Hello Nick,
>thank you very much for your fast response. You are right, I sent the wrong logfile.
>I re-ran the test with a "real" connection from Oracle/HS to unixODBC. Here are the results from the unixODBC trace file:
>                Entry:
>                        Connection = 0x9fcb790
>                        Window Hdl = (nil)
>                        Str In = [DNDEP2UDOBTPD******][length = 38]
>                        Str Out = 0x9fcabac
>                        Str Out Max = 1024
>                        Str Out Ptr = 0xbf847a90
>                        Completion = 0
>The strange thing here is the Str In. unixODBC obviously received 38 bytes, however, only 19 are printed, exactly the half it it. This fits: Only every second charcter of my connection string is shown here (I replaced the password characters with asteriks). It seems that Oracle is sending UTF-8, and unixODBC expects UTF-16, or vice versa. Is this a bug in Oracle or unixODBC? Are there any configuration settings in unixODBC where I can make unixODBC understand the connection string correctly?
>Viele Grüße
>Andreas Buschka
Well, according to Oracle (the part that does the dg4odbc software, not 
their ODBC driver) its a bug in unixODBC. My view is they made the 
mistake of listening to Data Direct about what unicode should be like.

Nick Gorham
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