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Joe DelRocco joed at ecsorl.com
Tue Jun 24 16:05:25 BST 2008

Thanks, Nick.

We were using lower level API, but for some reason our wrappers were
including <afxdb.h> unnecessarily.  I have no idea why, probably
acquired that up from a (bad) sample.  So no more MFC on Windows, and
unixODBC should make our port relatively painless.

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Joe DelRocco wrote:

>This is probably a silly question I'm sure... bear w/ me :)
>We use Microsoft's ODBC on Windows but would like to get away from
>having to use MFC to use it (including <afxdb.h>, and linking with MFC
>as Shard Dll in Visual Studio, etc.).  And in general we would like a
>more cross-platform solution.
>Is it possible to build unixODBC on Windows?  If so, will it use the
>existing Driver Manager and drivers on a Windows machine or do we need
>to build a new one and install a different set of drivers?
>Ideally, I'd love to build/use this api with our current ODBC wrapper
>classes.  Just wanted to check with you guys/gals first to see if
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Well, I have just commited some changes to help building with cygwin, 
but I don;t think you need to use unixODBC on windows, just steb back a 
few years in Microsoft land.

If you are happy to code to the ODBC API (and there is no reason why 
not, thats what its for), then if you just include the odbc headers 
sql.h, sqlext.h and so on, you can just use ODBC on windows linking to 
the native driver manager (odbc32.dll), then you can write code that 
builds and works just the same on Windows and *nix platforms. That was 
one of the initial goals of unixODBC.

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