[unixODBC-support] Cannot find /nfs/dist/trp/perl/perl_aix/unixODBC.aix/lib/libodbcinst.a(libodbcinst.so.1)

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Mon Jul 21 17:22:44 BST 2008

Putnam, Denis wrote:

>Hello Support,
>I have built unixODBC and freetds on one of our AIX hosts into an nfs
>mounted directory and I was wondering if you could provide me with some
>information about an error that I am getting.

I think you need to build with the IBM xlc compiler instead of gcc.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited
http://www.easysoft.com, http://www.unixODBC.org

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