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>>Hi all,
>>I'm running unixodbc 2.2.11 on CentOS 4, with both the mysql and freetds drivers, and DSNs to both MySQL and MSSQL databases.
>>When querying a MySQL or MSSQL database using isql, it appears that VARCHAR columns that contain data greater than 300 characters are being returned as null.
>>For example:
>>$echo "select textdescription from issues" | isql -b dsn user pass
>>| textdescription                                                          |
>>|                                                                                   |
>>However, when the textdescription field has content of 300 characters or less, the content is displayed as expected.
>>I attempted isql with -m500 to allow for larger data content to be returned, but it didn't change the symptom.  
>>Is there something that drives this limit tha
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>Edit exe/isql.h in the source tree and increase
>#define MAX_DATA_WIDTH 300
>Remember that isql is only a test app, so its not attempting to cover 
>all usages.
>Nick Gorham
>Easysoft Limited
>http://www.easysoft.com, http://www.unixODBC.org


Thanks for the info.  Sorry for such a noob question, but:  Other than isql, is there a tool that you'd recommend using from shell script to execute queries?



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