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Ramin Javanbakht ramin at kitkut.com
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Thanks for your quick response. If I use arrays of parameters in ODBC world,
is it as efficient as JDBC batch where database server is contacted only
once to submit the batch info?
My understanding of JDBC batch mode is that the as long as the batch is
being built (statement.addBatch() is executed), the database server is not
used. Only when the statement.executeBatch() is called, the database server
is used and the batch info is submitted.
Assuming that is the right understanding, is that how arrays of parameters
work in ODBC world?

Thanks and Regards,

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Ramin Javanbakht wrote:

>Does anyone know if unixODBC supports batch insert (similar to JDBC batch
>inset)? If yes, can you provide code example (or a link to look at)?
>Thanks and Regards,
unixODBC is fine with arrays of parameters (which is the ODBC version of 
JDBC batch), but you need to check if your driver supports it.

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