[unixODBC-support] Re: Chinese encoding issue

Yu-Hui Jin yuhui.jin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 18:57:13 GMT 2008

Hi, there,

I set up unixODBC and freetds on my Linux box to talk to MS SQL Server 2000
(and 2005) hosts.   The data in those databases contain Chinese texts
encoded in GB2312.

Everything seems to be working.  I can run both tsql and isql with the same
statement to retrieve data from one of the test SQL Server databases.  Then
I found tsql returns the correct Chinese characters (for a column value) but
isql  returns garbled data which looks like "?????, ???".   So I suspect
it's unixODBC messed up with the data.

Does anyone know what should I do to fix this?

Many thanks,

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