[unixODBC-support] no data returned when "smart quotes" present in row

Michael Higgins linux at evolone.org
Wed Feb 27 00:24:07 GMT 2008

Hello, folks --

First, I'm generally a very happy user.

One glitch I've come across is the presence of "smart quotes" in my
data. Whenever a row is returned with that, my scripts come up

Here's an example: 

0000000   K   i   d   s     342 200 230   N       K   r   i   b   s   ,

Oddly, tsql handles it alright in its shell, where I got the hexdump
bits above, but not isql in batch or my scripts.

Here's how it looks in the isql shell: |Kids ?N Kribs,|

But in batch mode, or my scripts, it just fails to return anything.

How do I trace down this issue? 

echo $LANG

echo $LC_ALL

Any helpful replies appreciated. I'd personally like to make these
erroneous characters just go away from my data, but I'm not sure how to
go about it _and_ be sure they won't just show up again. So, better to
handle. Somehow it seems clear that FreeTDS isn't at fault. Does
unixODBC use iconv, for example? I don't get an error when manually
setting isql lang by -len_US.UTF-8.

Just found this tidbit: "In what way doesn't gnome-terminal handle
smart quotes? ... a left quote is hex e2 80 98 and a right quote is
e2 80 99 That sure looks like UTF-8 to me"

What can I do to help fix this?


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 |    |ichael  |   |iggins    \^ /

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