[unixODBC-support] [NewBee] ODBC Optimization

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Tue Dec 9 09:52:36 GMT 2008

Siddeswar Reddy wrote:

>Hi Every One,
>              I am new to programming with unixODBC. I have written a sample
>application for SQLite3 (using SQLite3 native API's) and ODBC (using ODBC
>API's, I have used the ODBC driver for SQLite3) to test their performance.
>It is found that the performance results of ODBC is far less than the
>SQLite3. I understand that we cannot expect ODBC performance to be same as
>that of SQLite3 due to the fact that more functions are invoked by Sample
>application to acces the data source and work on it. I am looking at
>optimizing the ODBC Driver Manager and also the ODBC Driver for SQLite3 so
>as to bring the ODBC performance to comparable levels with SQLite3 (using
>native API's).
>I am using the following versions for this experiment
>The Sample application creates a table and inserts entries into it, updates
>few entries, query records, delete the records. It does the same job with
>both ODBC and SQLite3.
> I am looking for some help in this regard..........

At the end of the day, most of this will be down to the driver, but 
there may be better ways of doing things, show us the sample code and 
there might be some suggestions.

Do you mean version 2.1.12 of unixODBC or 2.2.12?


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