[unixODBC-support] unixODBC and Icobol

it it at bpc.com.lb
Mon Sep 3 10:48:29 BST 2007

Dear Sirs,

We're trying the unixODBC with the interactive COBOL (Icobol ver 3.57) under 
aix 5.1. I'm receiving this error when trying the isql:
# ./isql -v bank
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

the odbc.ini file located in /etc is the following:
Description             = BANKOS IC DATA
Driver          = ICODBC
DBQ             = /online/fileso/dbbasel2,yyyy=2007
UID             = root
PWD             = rootroot
Threading               = 0

the odbcinst.ini file located in /etc is the following:
Description             =
Driver          = /usr/lib/icodbc.so
Setup           =
UsageCount              = 1
CPTimeout               =
CPReuse         =
Comment         = Interactive COBOL ISAM ODBC Driver for AIX
FileUsage               = 1

We tested The same configuration  LINUX read hat ES 4.0 and it worked fine.

Please advice

Rony Hindi
O.I.C (IT Departement)
Banque Pharaon & Chiha S.A.L.
Ashrafieh-Sioufi-Amine Gemayel Street-Hajjar Building
P.O.Box:11-0001-Riad El Solh-Beirut 1107 2010-Lebanon 
Tel  :+961 1 425280/1
Fax  :+961 1 425282
email:it at bpc.com.lb

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