[unixODBC-support] Core dump issue from UnixODBC on AIX platform

Hassan Shaik hshaik at arcot.com
Mon Nov 5 13:01:24 GMT 2007

Hi UnixODBC experts,
Need your urgent help on this !!!

We are using UnixODBC version 2.2.12 on AIX 5.2 platform. 

I have configured and built UnixODBC as per the guidelines in
README.AIX, using "--enable-threads=yes" option and by exporting CC/CXX
as follows:
export CC=xlc_r
export CXX=xlC_r

The binaries are successfully generated and we are using theses binaries
on *another* AIX 5.2 test server. Under stress testing, we are observing
multiple crashes from our application. We have analyzed all the core
dumps and all these crashes are reported from __handles.c source code.

Following are the instances core dump stack traces (analyzed using dbx):

__release_desc(descriptor = 0x37991e18), line 1104 in "__handles.c"
unnamed block in __SQLFreeHandle(handle_type = 3, handle = 0x3798e1a8),
line 448 in "SQLFreeHandle.c"
__SQLFreeHandle(handle_type = 3, handle = 0x3798e1a8), line 448 in
SQLFreeStmt.SQLFreeStmt(statement_handle = 0x3798e1a8, option = 1), line
213 in "SQLFreeStmt.c"


__validate_stmt(statement = 0x301ddf58), line 885 in "__handles.c"
SQLBindParameter.SQLBindParameter(statement_handle = 0x301ddf58, ipar =
1, f_param_type = 1, f_c_type = 1, f_sql_type = 12, cb_col_def = 60,
ib_scale = 0, rgb_value = 0x375666a8, cb_value_max = 16, pcb_value =
0x37ec5a58), line 170 in "SQLBindParameter.c"
0x375666a8, 0x37ec6d60) at 0x101d1400

I checked the source code in __handles.c and mutex is already used in
the above functions. I am wondering why/how this problem can happen?

Any suggestions? If you need more details, please let me know.
Your early response is highly appreciated.

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