[unixODBC-support] Able to authenticate but anable to retrieve/add data from/to db

Ryan Churches ryan.churches at gmail.com
Wed May 2 22:05:36 BST 2007

I was able to configure my Gupta SQLBase 9.01 driver to authenticate with a
Centura SQLBase 7.6 DB, unfortunately I seem unable to retrieve or add
information from/to the db.  I suspect my problem is driver compatibility,
and I’m actively trying to hunt down a linux driver for SQLBase when it was
in version 7.6 (and called centura rather than gupta).  Nonetheless, I was
hoping someone could verify that this in fact my problem.


Here’s a quick example problem as it manifests on the CLI…


bmy / # isql -v gupta1 newengland  clamchowda


| Connected!                            |

|                                       |

| sql-statement                         |

| help [tablename]                      |

| quit                                  |

|                                       |


SQL> select * from active_inv;

[37000][unixODBC][Gupta][ODBC Driver][SQLBase]00909 PRS INC Invalid

[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLPrepare


SQL> select * from active_inv

[S0002][unixODBC][Gupta][ODBC Driver][SQLBase]00601 DIC ITN Table ACTIVE_INV
has not been created

[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLPrepare


SQL> CREATE TABLE foo (bar1 int, bar2 int)

[S1000][unixODBC][Gupta][ODBC Driver][SQLBase]00328 EXE NRE No resource

[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLExecute


…interestingly, I cannot separate my create table statement onto several
lines because Carriage Return always executes the line, or at an empty
prompt Carriage Return will exit isql. 


Based on my conversations with my software provider, I have the right db,
the right credentials, and the right permissions to do this, and the
“active_inv” table does in fact exist.  From here it looks to be the


Here is the sq log dump from the create command that failed…





                                    Statement = 0x8081698            

                                    SQL = [CREATE TABLE foo (bar1 int, bar2
int)][length = 37 (SQL_NTS)]





                                    Statement = 0x8081698



                        DIAG [HY000] [Gupta][ODBC Driver][SQLBase]00328 EXE
NRE No resource authority




                                    Statement = 0x8081698                

                                    SQLState = 0xbfb7f04d                

                                    Native = 0xbfb7f048                

                                    Message Text = 0xbfb7f057

                                    Buffer Length = 500                

                                    Text Len Ptr = 0xbfb7f046




…etc.  So assuming the “Commerce Solutions” people aren’t lying to me, I
looked on the gupta software web site for info about legacy versions and
backwards compatibility, only to find that literally over the weekend
guptaworldwide.com became unify.com and I can’t find info about
driver-sqlbase compatibility anymore.  I posted on their mailing list, but
they are slow to respond, and when they do I’m sure they will tell me
centura sqlbase is no longer supported.


I don’t think my software people are lying to me, but I wanted a second
opinion from you guys.  Does this look like a driver incompatibility, or are
my software people sending me on a goose chase because they don’t know what
they are talking about?


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