[unixODBC-support] ODBCConfig: spontaneous abort

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Sat Mar 24 08:46:40 GMT 2007

Brad.Smith at Altarum.org wrote:

>     After getting the path all straightened out, I can run the
>     ODBCConfig util with no problem -- for a while.
>     I registered, downloaded the EasySoft driver for SQL on Solaris 32
>     bit, installed on my Solaris machine and things looked good -- the
>     sample system DSNs show up on the ODBCConfig manager.   When I
>     click on the sample DSN, however, and choose "config," the
>     application aborts and disappears.
>     The last response was most helpful...so here goes another try.
>     Thanks,
>     Brad

There are a bunch of things that could cause this, the setup lib for the 
SQL Server Driver (I assume you mean) is a simple unixODBC lib, however 
there is often conflicts with versions of QT and all sorts of problems. 
Let me go and check (It will be monday), In reality its going to be 
simpiler to create a DSN by editing the ini file.


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