[unixODBC-support] unixODBC problem in HP-UX IA64

Ho Fook Chua fc.ho at eprotea.com.my
Thu Mar 15 05:09:36 GMT 2007

    I'm new to unixODBC, I'm getting problem using this with my Server Express 4.0 SP2 (MF-COBOL using OpenESQL) and my database is DB2 WSE version 9, every thing work fine in IBM AIX 5.2 but when porting over to HP-UX IA64, I'm getting below error :

OpenESQL Error: Unable to load ODBC Driver/Driver Manager. Ensure that your
database environment is set correctly.
SQLCODE  : -0000010000

    I've check all my environment, seem okay, appreciate if anyone can tell me what is the problem? How to trouble shoot this problem?

Thank you very much.


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