[unixODBC-support] RE: RE: Repost - Install questions

Stein, Howard Howard.Stein at FMR.COM
Thu Jun 21 13:33:30 BST 2007

> All we do to build on Solaris 64, is

> tar xvf unixODBC-2.2.12.tar.gz
> cd unixODBC-2.2.12
> CFLAGS="-xarch=v9 -KPIC -xcode=pic32"
> export CFLAGS
> ./configure
> make

Well keep in mind we are talking about sparc hardware.  On the sparc
hardware, solaris 10, if all 64 bit libraries are on your
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and in order that they'll be found first before their 32
bit counterparts you will be able to link.  If not your link will fail
unless you use the -xarch=v9 for the linker.  Also, on the Oracle pay
site, the person helping me, directed me to a private document they have
on how to use their oracle driver with Oracle 10g on solaris sparc 64
bit including how to compile unixODBC.  They use different parameters
then you do for building.  (See below).  I can't very well tell them to
fix their ODBC Driver and refuse to build the way they say it has to be

In any case, I can either adjust my LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the preferred
figure out how come the LDFAGS isn't flowing through.

==> When 64-bit ODBC (recommended) should be used, following steps  have
to be  done, too 
==> CFLAGS="-xarch=v9 -xchip=ultra3 -xO3 -Xa -xstrconst -dalign -xF"
==>  LDFLAGS="-xarch=v9"
==> ac_cv_sizeof_long=8
==> export
==> LDFLAGS CFLAGS ac_cv_sizeof_long

Some new questions I have:

1) What is the iusql as opposed to the isql?  The Oracle folks new about
it and had me check out both, but I wondered what the difference(s) are.

2) I was too tired last night to resolve the ld issue so just as a quick
test I built the 32 bit with the sun compiler.  Interestingly, isql no
longer gets the bus error and core dump but the other application I'm
using is still getting the core dump.  If the sql statement is the same
(select * from owner.table), and both are using the same oracle odbc
library, any thoughts on why one would work and not the other?  I'm just
looking for insights and theoretical to get me thinking a bit.

3) Do you ever sleep?  Seems you post all day and night.  I appreciate
that fact as well as all your assistance!

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