[unixODBC-support] RE: Repost - Install questions

HAS howard.stein at fmr.com
Fri Jun 15 09:12:25 BST 2007

> I had also assumed from the start that you were on Linux.
> Stefan
> Sorry, I hadn't noticed you were on Solaris.
> Nick

Thanks to both of you for all your help.  Still a long way from the finish
line but learning a lot.  No real need to read further unless your just
interested in where I'm at currently.

I kind of got it working, and I suspect the basic vs lite issue Stefan had
suggested is related to the real problem.  There was a machine where it was
working, but it was an older package (2.1.8 I think) linked on the unixODBC
site.  Unfortunately, as they worked through installing, the instant client,
unixODBC and kx odbc, their brilliant solution was to create one directory
that was in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and copy/install any ODBC related library
from any of the installs/packages they tried.  So I've got a huge directory
which I now have to sort through for what's valid and what's not, what's
wrong version, etc.  I copied that directory to the new machine and if I
manipulate the LD_LIBRARY_PATH I can get connected.  Seems to work fine when
I connect to an Oracle 9x but if I connect to a 10g, some things work, e.g.
I can select count(*) from tcadbo.actions_stg, but select * from
tcadbo.actions_stg returns one record and then I get a bus error and core
dump.  Still waiting for contact information internally here so I can try
and get Oracle support and get the clean install issue resolved.  Also still
waiting for a return call from the installer of the instant client to see
about the version loaded.  Until then I'm going to try and muddle through
the directory and figure out what is in it that's not in my clean install
and if there is a resolution along the lite vs basic issue where some dll is
slightly different.
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