[unixODBC-support] numeric type scale problem

Scott Goodwin scott.goodwin at erxnetwork.com
Thu Jun 14 22:52:27 BST 2007

I am having problems retrieving a numeric column with the correct scale.

I have been successful in changing the precision, but the scale will not
change.  The column is defined as numeric(10,2). Below is my code.




      SQLINTEGER cbNum;


      rc = SQLPrepare(sqlStmt, (SQLCHAR *)

               "SELECT usual_and_customary from mtdme.claim WHERE
claim_id=104", SQL_NTS);


      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLPrepare


      rc = SQLBindCol(sqlStmt, 1, SQL_C_NUMERIC, &num, sizeof(num),

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLBindCol


      rc = SQLGetStmtAttr(sqlStmt, SQL_ATTR_APP_ROW_DESC, &sqlDesc, 0,

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLGetStmtAttr


      rc = SQLSetDescField(sqlDesc, 1, SQL_DESC_TYPE,

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLSetDescField


      rc = SQLSetDescField(sqlDesc, 1, SQL_DESC_PRECISION,

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLSetDescField


      rc = SQLSetDescField(sqlDesc, 1, SQL_DESC_SCALE, (SQLPOINTER)2,

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLSetDescField


      rc = SQLExecute(sqlStmt);

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf("*** ERROR *** SQLExecute


      rc = SQLFetch(sqlStmt);

      if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf ("*** ERROR *** SQLFetch fails\n");




      printf ("Raw value string: ");

      for (idx=0; idx<num.precision; idx++)

        printf ("%.2x ", num.val[idx]);

      val = (int *)num.val;

      printf("\nValue is %d, precision is %d, scale is %d\n", *val,
num.precision, num.scale);

      return 0;


The actual column value is 11.07.  The output from this code is below.


Raw value string: 0b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 


Value is 11, precision is 10, scale is 0


I know I must be doing something wrong because isql returns 11.07.  


Any help is appreciated.

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