[unixODBC-support] Mac OSX and Universal Binaries

Joseph Remes joe.remes at dbcsoftware.com
Fri Jun 8 19:39:41 BST 2007

We have a product that runs on a variety of Unix systems including Mac OSX.

We link libodbc.a into our product so that we can talk to ODBC sources
on Unix boxes.

With OSX 10.4 the Apple folks introduced a Universal Binary executable
format that combines PowerPC and Intel386 code in the same file. We are
porting our product to this. But I am having trouble figuring out how to
link in unixODBC.

I have tried to run the install procedure with the appropriate GCC
command line options but the compiler reports that they are incompatible
with several of the options that you use. The actual error message is

    gcc: -E, -S, -save-temps and -M options are not allowed with
multiple -arch flags

Is there any way to produce the odbc library as a universal binary?

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