[unixODBC-support] Want to unsubscribe

Gupta Manik-a24141 manikgupta at motorola.com
Wed Jul 18 11:29:58 BST 2007

I too want to unsubscribe but unable to do so.
Please unsubscribe me as well.

Manik Gupta

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Mechtilde wrote:

>Hello @ all
>I want to unsubsubscribe from this list. Can someone send me a mail
>which I only have to request.
>I tried several time (last yesterday evening four times) to unsubscribe
>via unixodbc.org.
>I get _one_ time a Mail for request and I do the request. But now I get
>two mails again.
>Can anybody help
You are unsubscribed now.

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