[unixODBC-support] Time out parameters

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Fri Jul 13 08:03:00 BST 2007

Matt Burkhardt wrote:

> I've been able to setup and use unixODBC with OOo, but having a 
> problem with the timeout parameters.  I'm getting the following error 
> message after about 5 minutes or less of inactivity
> The data content could not be loaded.
> SQL Status: HYT00
> Error code: 2006
> [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-4.1.21-standard-log]MySQL server has 
> gone away
> I know I need to change the SQLSetConnectAttr but the link goes to a 
> dead page on Microsoft's web site - how do I do this?

I think thats more a case the MySQL server has been set to disconnect 
idle connections (or any firewall in the way). I would consult the 
server docs.


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