[unixODBC-support] field name length

Martin Evans martin.evans at easysoft.com
Fri Jan 12 09:27:07 GMT 2007

Eckhard Doll wrote:
> Martin Evans wrote:
>> Eckhard Doll wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I just managed to bring up a connection to an Oracle database, 
>>> running on a Windows server, from my Linux workstation with unixODBC. 
>>> Wasn't that easy to tweak everything right to work and now after all 
>>> it seems function odbc_result fails with 'field not found' if 
>>> fieldnames are more than 15 characters. I don't have this problem 
>>> with Windows clients and I don't like the idea to change all the 
>>> fieldnames in the db. Is this probably configurable anywhere? Does 
>>> anyone else run in similar trouble? Any hints are welcome...
>> I take it you are using PHP?
>> I believe this was an issue in PHP some time ago but certainly not an 
>> issue in unixODBC. I'd look through PHP archives and changes for this 
>> one. Alternatively, it is something in your driver but you don't say 
>> which oracle odbc driver are you using.
>> Martin
> Yes, you're right, I'm using Oracle's latest InstantClient and PHP5.2.0 
> If you say 'certainly' I'll switch to a PHP forum to find out more. 
> Thanks anyway

I'm saying certainly but it was a long time ago and the limit was 30 - 
see http://www.easysoft.com/support/kb/kb00107.html. Is it a coincidence 
your perceived limit is half this - I don't know but I'd get more 
worried if your column names have unicode characteres in them.

What does php say the columns are called? - I think it might be 
odbc_field_name(). Also, the results of odbc_columns() may be interesting.

Whatever, I'll be astonished if this is unixODBC issue.

Martin J. Evans
Easysoft Limited

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