[unixODBC-support] Porting Unixodbc

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Thu Jan 11 15:59:31 GMT 2007

Pankaj wrote:

>Thanks a lot, Nick.
>I tried the command as follows:
>isql -v Mydsn pankaj 123
>where, Mydsn is the dsn name, username is pankaj and password is 123. But it
>returns an error as:
>[IM002][unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found, and no default
>driver specified
>[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect
>Please let us know how we could solve the above problem.

Simple answer:

Set up the entries in odbc.ini, odbcinst.ini correctly.

Longer answer:

If you haven't managed to build a shared object for a driver then you 
will get that. The driver needs to be a shared object, you need to fix 
that for your (I assume its yours, as you haven't named it) platform.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited
http://www.easysoft.com, http://www.unixODBC.org

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