[unixODBC-support] Segfault in libodbccr.so on x86_64 [Resolved]

Colin Snover unixodbc.org at zetafleet.com
Sat Dec 22 13:21:06 GMT 2007

Nick Gorham wrote:
> Colin Snover wrote:
>> The first step, I guess, would be to get that source package updated on
>> FTP with diaginternal.h to see if it resolves the problem, then move on
>> from there if it doesn't.
>> Thanks for your help!
>> Regards,
> Peter, do you have the missing file? if you can add it to CVS, I will
> build another package with it.
Hi Nick,

Wow -- I didn't expect such a prompt response. ;)

I'm not working on much sleep here, hence the now somewhat superfluous
email to the support list, but I can tell you that this does appear to
be fixed in CVS. (Yay!) For some reason, I forgot that anonymous CVS
access was provided when I wrote the email. Once I got that and compiled
it started working. The diaginternal.h file in CVS doesn't match the
diag.c in 2.2.13pre (I tried copying it over and got errors about some
struct types), but hopefully it's pretty simple for you to find the
right one.

Now to figure out how to get FreeTDS to use the correct TDS version... :)


Colin Snover

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