[unixODBC-support] locking issue

Chauhan Bhavik-A20762 bhavik at motorola.com
Fri Dec 21 10:33:40 GMT 2007

odbcinst.ini doesn't have "Threading=0" , what is the default behaviour?
While the process was bloking, I tried with isql with the same
datasource and it does able to connect and execute some select queries.

odbcinst.ini contains following info

Trace = No
Pooling = Yes

Description    = ODBC for MySQL
Driver         = ./tools/odbcLibraries/libmyodbc3-3.51.1
Setup          = ./tools/odbcLibraries/libmyodbc3-3.51.1
FileUsage      = 1
CPTimeout      = 1200

And odbc.ini has following detail

Driver          = ./tools/odbcLibraries/libmyodbc3-3.51.14.so
Description     = MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver DSN
SERVER          =
PORT            = 3306
USER            = root
Password        = root
Database        = test1
OPTION          = 3
SOCKET          = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock


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Chauhan Bhavik-A20762 wrote:

>Hi Nick,
>This is what the stack we got it by pstack..while it was blocking 
>I think if MySQL server is still 99.9% and not able to handle further
>queries on the TCP connection established it should throw an error
>rather that blocking at reading as the stack show
Ok, but as I asked before, how have you got the driver manager threading

control set,

If you have it to only allow one thread into the driver at one time, 
then you will get the other threads waiting for that one to exit.

Looking at the stack, and not knowing wehat the driver is doing, it 
looks to be closing, and waiting for a read, maybe it will never come 
out of the read, I don;t know, it looks like its a driver issue to me.

Nick Gorham
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