[unixODBC-support] stricmp support

Daniel Macks dmacks at netspace.org
Tue Dec 18 08:27:04 GMT 2007

Regarding sqp/sqpStoreDataType.c CVS revision 1.2->1.3, instead of
hardcoding strcasecmp in place of stricmp, could just take the same
approach that the unixodbc Drivers/ do:

#define stricmp(s1,s2) strcasecmp(s1,s2)
#define strnicmp(s1,s2,n) strncasecmp(s1,s2,n)

so those who have it get whatever added benefit it adds over the
compatibility function.

Alternately, that same compatibility game is played in many places.
Might be less error-prone to centralize it in config.h (conditional on
however HAVE_STRICMP is presently determined). But...whoa, there does
not (as of 2.2.12) appear to *be* anything to set that flag: not in
config.h.in, nothing related to those functions in configure.in.
Missing an AC_CHECK_FUNCS for it probably?


Daniel Macks
dmacks at netspace.org

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