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Peter Lane peter at muffinspawn.com
Tue Aug 21 15:52:16 BST 2007

So you're saying that you don't explicitly tell the client to  
encrypt, but that the server is queried and sends back a requirement  
that passwords be encrypted? What if the server is using SSL? Does it  
somehow automatically detect that as well somehow? My experience with  
JDBC suggests that this must be explicitly turned on in the client.


On Aug 21, 2007, at 2:58 AM, Nick Gorham wrote:

> Peter Lane wrote:
>> Is it possible to encrypt passwords with unixODBC to a PostgreSQL   
>> server? I've been goggling and sifting through the Postgre1.7  
>> source  code (this code is being used for some reason even though  
>> my server  is 8.0.6) and can't seem to figure out if it's even  
>> possible. I see  there is some md5 code, but unless I'm being  
>> stupid, it's never invoked.
>> Thanks!
>> Peter
> If I remember correctly, you enable the server to request encrypted  
> passwords in your hba.conf file.
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