[unixODBC-support] PHP and unixODBC installation help. Can'tcreateUser DSN.

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Sat Apr 28 19:41:57 BST 2007

Ryan Churches wrote:

>Thanks so much for your help.  I think this is progress:
>                Exit:[SQL_SUCCESS]
>                        Environment = 0x804f3c0
>                Entry:
>                        Handle Type = 2
>                        Input Handle = 0x804f3c0
>                Exit:[SQL_SUCCESS]
>                        Output Handle = 0x804fb40
>                Entry:
>                        Connection = 0x804fb40
>                        Server Name = [gupta1][length = 6 (SQL_NTS)]
>                        User Name = [NULL]
>                        Authentication = [NULL]
>                UNICODE Using encoding ASCII 'ISO8859-1' and UNICODE 'UCS-
>I truncated the last line.  If I may attempt to think independently for a
>second, perhaps it is trying to connect to the remote DB already?  If so I
>don’t understand why it didn’t pull in the values for "User Name" and
>"Authentication" from the odbc.ini provided to me w/ my driver.  On the
>other hand, it did get the "Server Name".
It doesn't, the driver is required to read the ini file, the driver 
manager doesn't know what ini entries are needed. It can very from 
driver to driver.

Wehat you need to do is add debug inside the driver manager and see if 
that gives any clues.

Maybe try running under gdb and se where it says the crash happened.


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