[unixODBC-support] unixODBC 2.2.12

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Fri Oct 13 10:04:42 BST 2006


I have finally put a release 2.2.12 on the ftp server and web site. I 
will try and do some package builds to put up on sourceforge over the 
weekend. The changes in this are as follows:-

    * Add missing SQLSetStmtOptionA and SQLSetStmtOptionW
    * The config string being passed into ConfigDsn was wrong, removed 
semicolon, and added terminating double null
    * Add help help to isql
    * Couple of changes to make the build on OSX work better
    * Alter odbctest FullConnect to use SQLDriverConnect
    * Replace a missed flag for true 64 bit operation
    * Add ODBC3<->ODBC2 type mapping in SQLSetParam
    * Add missing SQLSetStmtOptionW.c
    * Tidy up the search for GUI lib code in SQLManageDatasource
    * Backport a couple of changes from the Debian build into the cursor lib
    * Add extra config settings to the MaxDB/SapDB setup lib
    * Fix possible exit from SQLConnect without having closed in the driver
    * Fix configure problem on Tru64
    * Fix a build issue on Sinix
    * Allow calling metadata functions via the cursor lib
    * Alter args to SQLParamOptions
    * Fix bug preventing attribute length from being returned from 
    * Fix broken iusql
    * SQLTransact via the cursor lib has the args swapped
    * Remove leak in the postgres driver (error messages were not being  
released), and yet a different leak in convert.c
    * Add code to allow the Cursor lib to call SQLGetDiagRec
    * Updated libtool, automake and autoconf, so
    * Add new QT detection macros (Thanks Peter)
    * Removed some unneeded strlen's from the postgres drivers
    * Small change to the logging in SQLBrowseConnect
    * Add additional SQLGetInfo value SQL_ATTR_DRIVER_THREADING (1028) 
that returns a SQL_USMALLINT containing the level of thread protection 
afforded the driver by the driver manager
    * Fix small bug that prevents SQLDrivers from returning the first 
entry if SQL_FETCH_FIRST is not used
    * Make DataManagerII check the DB's quote char when creating SQL
    * The cursor lib wasn't correctly returning the last rowset
    * Fix problem with the cursor lib, rowsets and SQLExtendedFetch
    * Fix couple of spelling mistakes in isql
    * Allow decoupling of SQLHANDLES between application and driver, 
there is a 64bit DB2 where the driver handles are int's but unixODBC 
uses void *. There is a define for DRV_SQLHANDLE in 
DriverManager/drivermanager.h that allows this choice at build time
    * Add a few extra checks for only unicode API's from the driver
    * Check for existance of qt-mt lib before adding to link line
    * added missing cleanup in Postgres driver
    * Added a contrib directory with (so far) a new ODBCConfig and 
ODBCStats apps, (Thanks Fizz for those).
    * Ask the driver when there are no errors left in the DM's store
    * Add a couple of unicode fixes suppled by Oracle
    * Small fix for call to SQLGetDiagField
    * Fix silly typo that was using sizeof( SQL_WCHAR ) instead of SQLWCHAR
    * Add check for C_TYPE in SQLBindCol, SQLBindParameter, 
SQLBindParam, and SQLGetData
    * Fix overflow if the LOG_MESSAGE_LENGTH is increased
    * Save the last arg for SQLSetConnectAttr if called before 
connection for later passing to driver
    * Fix missing mutex release in SQLFreeHandle (thanks Mark)
    * Add missing maps from unicode in SQLSetDescFieldW and SQLSetStmtAttrW
    * Handle resetting statement descriptors to implicit values, by 
passing in NULL or the implicit descrptor  to SQLSetStmtAttr with the 
    * Avoid calling SQLGetInfo for every SQLEndTran/SQLTransact
    * Remove inconsistency in the return value from 
    * Fix broken QT_VERSION detection
    * Add UNICODE wrapper functions in libodbcinst. The ini file is 
still ascii, so its not got full support at the moment, but any apps 
that need the W functions should build now
    * Add GUI support for SQLCreateDataSource
    * More informative error message if a invalid handle is passed to 
    * Add TIMESTAMP_NO_TMZONE to Postgres drivers types
    * The ANSI to UNICODE mapping in SQLTablePrivilges was broken
    * Fix incorrect buffer length in SQLGetInfo when calling unicode drivers

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited
http://www.easysoft.com, http://www.unixODBC.org

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