[unixODBC-support] problems with 64 bit SQLBindParameter()

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Sun Nov 19 13:21:03 GMT 2006

Hu, Ming (Ivan) wrote:

>I am pretty new to unixODBC, but currently, meet a headache with
>SQLBindParameter() calling, pls help me.
>I am working on solaris, using unixODBC to set up connection to postgresql,
>and on truly 64 bit enviroment.
>In sql.h, I am seeing a macro BUILD_REAL_64_BIT_MODE is defined for truly 64
>bit application.
>For my application, I defined the macro BUILD_REAL_64_BIT_MODE  to make
>SQLLEN as long.
>But when calling SQLBindParameter() for SQL_CHAR or SQL_BINARY, the data
>could not be binded correctly.
>The SQLBindParameter() don't return error, but when executing the statement,
>seems the data is null.
>Because my application is working in 64 bit enviroment, and using unixODBC
>to connect another DB, for 64 bit, 
>It has to define long as SQLLEN. Then how can I make it work with
>SQLBindParameter() for postgresql.
>Could you pls help me on it, Thanks in advance.
You don't need the REAL 64 bit mode, especially if the driver doesn't
understand. Thats why its not the default.

Try as normal, and it should be fine.


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