[unixODBC-support] Remote Informix ODBC problem

Anand Angad Gaur angaur at q8.nl
Thu May 11 11:41:57 BST 2006

>Does anybody know of problems with any of the versions of 
>unixodbc & driver I am using?

I installed Informix Client SDK 2.90.FC4 from IBM two
months ago. But I can't get it working with unixODBC.
When trying isql -v ids_kpg_ux02 I keep getting the message:
  [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect
>Has anybody actually connected to a remote informix database successfully?
Yes, I can connect successfully and do anything with
the demo C programs.

The isql program first interprets the commandline parameters,
then calls the ODBC functions SQLAllocEnv, SQLAllocConnect
and SQLConnect in that order.
The first two functions returns with success, but the last one
the SQLConnect returns with a SQL_INVALID_HANDLE
Putting the same ODBC function calls in the same order with the
same parameters in a testprogram and compiling it with the
informix header files from IBM results in a program connecting to
the informix database without any problems.
As far as I can see the unixODBC is just loading the Informix
driver (/opt/informix/LE/lib/cli/libifcli.so) , receives a pointer 
to the functions in the lib and calls the above mentioned
functions in the lib with the supplied parameters.
So why doesn't it work ?

Couldn't find the answer in the IBM Informix doc and as
far as I know they don't supply the source code of their

While waiting for an idea from someone,
I'm using the Informix driver without unixODBC.


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