[unixODBC-support] make error - synch.h

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Tue Jun 6 13:58:01 BST 2006

Brossoit Bruno (Nter - SLVQ) wrote:

>I tried --enable-threads=no and it's the same.
>Here is line 582...
>pthread_rwlock_destroy __((pthread_rwlock_t *));
>I'm really not familiar with this so i have no idea if there is something
>wrong with the line.
>Seems the problem is around the compiler so I tought I'd tell you it was
>installed from a already compiled source on the IBM CD so maybe I could
>uninstall it and take it form another source, maybe a more recent one.
I think the problem is related to your headers, I would guess 
pthread_rwlock_t is not defined at this point in your system headers.

Other than adding a

typedef void* pthread_rwlock_t

To one or more of the header files, I would try and find where the 
typedef should be in your system and find why its not finding it. I 
would guess its a conflict between the AIX headers and the GCC headers 

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