[unixODBC-support] Segmentation Fault when using isql with IBM DB2 drivers

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Tue Jul 18 15:16:42 BST 2006

Brian Schonecker wrote:

>I'm pulling out my hair!  I can do some simple queries that don't return _rows_ of data like "select count(*) from sysadm.tmktest", "insert into sysadm.tmktest (select * from sysadm.tmkqot)" but when I try a super simple query that should return rows I get a segmentation fault.  I've included everything that I think I need to provide.
>Funny thing:  If I execute the query from the IBM DB2 "client" (ie:non-unixODBC) everything works just fine.  I know that I'm talking to the remote DB2 database and I have the correct permissions.
>Is there something that I'm missing?

I don't think so. 2.2.10 is some time back now, maybe try the 2.2.12pre 
on ftp://ftp.easysoft.com/pub/unixODBC

But other than that, there is not much going on in SQLFetch.

Try the newer vesrion, and if it still fails, maybe some debug in the 
code will show if its the driver or DM thats failing.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited
http://www.easysoft.com, http://www.unixODBC.org

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