[unixODBC-support] failure on disconnect with immediate re-connect

Bob Marcum bmarcum at houston.rr.com
Sun Dec 31 01:13:50 GMT 2006

Bob Marcum wrote:
>> Further, I cannot produce a trace file when running the program, which is
>> running as an Apache web server CGI program.  But I have no problem
>> generating a trace file when I use isql.

Nick Gorham responded:
> It may be a permission issue, make sure the trace file can be written as 
> the user the apache server is running as.
> Also try running apache so it doesn't run as a daemon, that may allow 
> the trace file.
> httpd -X
> One we have a trace, that should give more of a clue whats failing.

Great catch, Nick!  That is exactly what was the problem of the trace.  Attached is the trace.

You see, it never came back from the second attenpt to connect after the select.  The second connect, if successful, would have been used to effect an update.

Can you tell what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks so much!

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