[unixODBC-support] failure on disconnect with immediate re-connect

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Sat Dec 30 17:26:50 GMT 2006

BobMarcum wrote:

>I have an application in development.  I can happily search for, add, update
>records using unixODBC with a MySQL 4.1.14 database, on linux.  The
>application is written in Eiffel; I am using the ECLI eiffel ODBC facility
>which uses unixODBC.
>However, when I try to do a certain access and update on the database I get
>an exception from the driver upon a 2nd attempt to connect.  Let me explain:
>Each routine - find, add, update - does a connect, constructs and executes
>its sql command and then disconnects.  In the process in question I do a
>find (works okay),  examine the data that was found to test for a certain
>condition and then do an update, which - like the find - gets a connection. 
>However, this second connection fails upon the call to driver for a "connect
>string" connect.  All connects are by "connect string", not DSN, login and
>Further, I cannot produce a trace file when running the program, which is
>running as an Apache web server CGI program.  But I have no problem
>generating a trace file when I use isql.
It may be a permission issue, make sure the trace file can be written as 
the user the apache server is running as.

Also try running apache so it doesn't run as a daemon, that may allow 
the trace file.

httpd -X

One we have a trace, that should give more of a clue whats failing.


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