[unixODBC-support] Multiple data-sources not working

Chris Ralph webmaster at guestwho.com
Tue Dec 12 06:32:17 GMT 2006


I installed unixODBC along with mdbtools to connect to ms access databases
via odbc.  The problem is that regardless how many data sources I add in
odbc.ini, it always uses the first database in the list..

Description             = MDB Tools ODBC drivers
Driver          = /usr/local/lib/libmdbodbc.0

Description             = FTP list
Driver          = MDBToolsODBC
Database                = /home/skeleton-man/public_html/water/ftp.mdb
Servername              = localhost
UserName                =
Password                =

Description             = Water Module
Driver          = MDBToolsODBC
Trace           = Yes
TraceFile               = /var/log/sql.log
Database                = /home/skeleton-man/public_html/water/water.mdb
Servername              = localhost
UserName                =
Password                =

In the above example you can clearly see I'm referencing two different
databases, but regardless what I change, the second datasource (Water)
always connects to ftp.mdb instead of water.mdb.  If I were to swap the
order of the data sources and put Water at the top, then both data sources
would point to water.mdb and ftp.mdb would be ignored.

I am running the latest version of unixODBC and at first thought this
might've been a php bug, but the "isql" tool produces exactly the same

Any ideas ?


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