[unixODBC-support] Help me, unixODBC kill me.

lengwuqing at sohu.com lengwuqing at sohu.com
Mon Sep 19 09:32:23 BST 2005

     I write a program to connect the postgresql (7.4.26) through unixODBC(2.2.8) on Solaris 9.
     If my type a correct user name, the system is normal.
     If my type a incorrect user name, the system will crash.
     The code is "SqlConnect()", the system will pop up one of these error messsatg:
     1) 'psql: FATAL:  semctl(2490372, 7, SETVAL, 0) failed: Invalid argument'
     I add semaphore set into /etc/system and reboot
     2) "Broken Pipe" is the new error.
Anybody, can you give me some comments about "Can I connect to PostgreSql 7.4.26 with UnixODBC2.2.8 on Solaris 9".
Thanks a lot!!!
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