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Vecchio, Peppi PVecchio at orangelake.com
Fri Oct 21 15:50:07 BST 2005

Hello all.
My knowledge of this particular area is mediocre at best.  Just looking for some help in troubleshooting an issue.  Running RedHat ES4 - trying to connect to MSSQL Server.
I have freetds-0.63 installed and working - tested with the tsql command.
unixODBC-2.2.11 installed and appears to be working correctly - tested with the isql command - I get the Connected SQL> prompt.
Then I installed the mxODBC product which runs through zope.  I get that installed properly and begin to set up a test connection.  It properly labels the available datasource as the config I used in unixODBC.  But when I try to connect I get this error:

Problem connecting to the database 

Connection string: DSN=MyServer2k;



Connection pool entry: 0

Error message: ('08003', 0, '[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Connnection does not exist', 7646) 


Contacting the supporters of mxODBC - they suggested this (in two seperate emails):

> This sounds like a bug in unixODBC (the error originating  in the ODBC manager rather than the ODBC driver). mxODBC

> is asking the ODBC manger for capabilities of the ODBC driver in this case, but the unixODBC manager doesn't

> even call the ODBC driver - instead it returns an error which is wrong.

> Please make sure that you are using the latest unixODBC  release.

I've done some more research in unixODBC - there is one

possibility where an error situation such as the one

you describe can occur: if unixODBC cannot load the

cursor library. It is called "libodbccr.so.1".

Please make sure this lib is accessible and usable by

the Zope process.


Does this sound plausible?  If so, libodbccr.so.1 is in /usr/lib symbolically linked from /usr/local/unixODBC/lib.  Not sure where else to look.  Is there another way to test the driver manager?

Peppi Vecchio | Web Developer 



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