[unixODBC-support] Sample C code for a stored procedure

Stephen More stephen.more at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 20:14:19 BST 2005

Can anyone provide me with some small sample C code to call a stored
procedure using unixODBC ?

The stored procedure I am trying to call has no IN parameters and has 3 OUT
paramters ( FLOAT, FLOAT, INTEGER ).

I have had no luck with

Some databases (such as IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, and Oracle) support stored
procedures that accept parameters of type IN, INOUT, and OUT as defined by
the ODBC specification. However, the Unified ODBC driver currently only
supports parameters of type IN to stored procedures.

nor perl:
It is expected that few drivers will support this method. The only driver
currently known to do so is
DBD::Oracle (DBD::ODBC may support it in a future release). Therefore it
should not be used for database
independent applications.

If I can't do this with perl or php I will try to go one level deeper into

Steve More
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