[unixODBC-support] truncated memo fields

Martin J. Evans martin.evans at easysoft.com
Wed Nov 16 16:20:30 GMT 2005

On 16-Nov-2005 tom wright wrote:
> Hi folks, 
> I'm turning to you in desperation.

Why? Have you tried support at easysoft.com yet?

> I'm using OOB to connect a linux (debian AMD64 with unixODBC)
> application to a MSAccess database (MDAC 2.8 sp1)
> The access database contains some very large memo fields (92160
> characters). Everytime I try to select a single one of these fields it
> appears that the field is being truncated. When I select just the field
> I get approximatly the first 61893 characters, if I try to use LEFT in
> my sql statement it gets truncated even more (aprox 261 characters).
> I'm a little stuck as to what I can do here, I've tried increasing the
> buffer size on the windows side of the ODBC connection, is it possible
> (nessecary) to do this on the linux side?
> Any tips will be very useful
> Thanks
> Tom

o What is your client application?
o How are you retrieving the memo field? (using bound columns? SQLGetData?
  or you don't know what the app is doing)
o what SQL type are you retrieving the memo field as?
o how are you determining the data is truncated
o what buffer size did you increase on the windows side?

If you have some app/program you can run from the command line:

1. in the current working dir create the file odbc.ini and in it put:

Logging = 0xffffff

  those are curly brackets.

2. WITHOUT changing dir, run you program (i.e. you may need to put the fill
   path in to it)

3. you should get a file /tmp/esoobclient.log_<PID> where <PID> is the process
   ID. Mail that to me and I'll take a look.

Martin J. Evans
Easysoft Ltd, UK

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