[unixODBC-support] FedoraCore4 and unixODBC __post_internal_error undefined symbol at runtime

Adam Gibson agibson at ptm.com
Tue Nov 15 21:02:52 GMT 2005

Using freetds-0.63-1.2.fc4.rf from dag and the official 
unixODBC-2.2.11-3.FC4.1 package from Fedora updates.  I have wine 
configured to use unixODBC.  Connecting to the database works but when 
the app issues a query wine fails with the error:

[user at host tmp]$ wine testdbapp.exe
/usr/bin/wine-pthread: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libodbccr.so.1: 
undefined symbol: __post_internal_error

Sure enough ldd thinks it is undefined.

[user at host tmp]$ ldd -r /usr/lib/libodbccr.so.1.0.0
undefined symbol: dm_log_write  (/usr/lib/libodbccr.so.1.0.0)
undefined symbol: __post_internal_error (/usr/lib/libodbccr.so.1.0.0)

libodbc.so.1.0.0 is not exporting it either.

[user at host tmp]$ nm -oD /usr/lib/libodbc.so.1.0.0|grep post_internal_error

I am at a loss trying to figure out where to go from here. __info.c in 
DriverManager has the function according to the source tarball for 
unixODBC-2.2.11.  The makefiles are a little over my head to figure out 
though.  Anyone know how I can force libodbc.so.1.0.0 to export the 
__post_internal_error function?

Any help would be appreciated.

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