[unixODBC-support] Solid, unixODBC & mxODBC: Restricted data type attribute violation

Michal Vitecek fuf at mageo.cz
Tue Nov 8 15:44:15 GMT 2005

 hello everyone,

 i'm in the process of trying to use unixODBC in between the Solid
 database engine and the mxODBC (python extension which adds ODBC
 support). the problem is that i'm unable to retrieve values of columns
 which are defined as 'VARCHAR(262144)' (256KB) and get the following

  Traceback: ProgrammingError ('07006', -1, '[unixODBC]Restricted data 
  type attribute violation', 3326): from [snip]

 when i try to retrieve the column values via isql all i get is empty
 strings for the column (all other columns of different types are okay).

 what shall i do to get around this?

        thank you,
		Michal Vitecek		(fuf at mageo.cz)

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