[unixODBC-support] embeding unixODBC drivers

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Tue May 10 14:08:34 BST 2005

> Yes. I'm linking the unixODBC libs statically. I didn't see a way to do
> that with the driver manager, since ( I think ) its always going to look
> at the odbcinst.ini to dynamicaly load the driver.

Unless you modify it not to.

> > Why not just modify your application package to aggregate a copy
> > of unixODBC which gets installed at the same time as the application?
> I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. My app doesn't care where
> its installed, so I'm trying to avoid having to install and configure
> dynamic libs in a particular place. That probably goes against the
> design of unixODBC. If I'm being stupid, just say so.

Not stupid, but I do think you're headed in the wrong direction.

The kind of modifications which would be required to do what you want
to do are certainly possible, but you'd loose a lot of flexibility
which you might find that you need later on, and it certainly doesn't
strike me as the path that's "as simple as possible".

Or, as Nick suggested, you could skip the driver manager entirely and
just link to the driver statically.  But the driver manager exists for
a reason.  It provides a lot of features which may not exist in the
driver you want to use.

What platform(s) are you targeting?


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