[unixODBC-support] how to configure solid-db Unix ODBC driver

Eran Falk ERANFA at cellcom.co.il
Sun Mar 6 16:43:34 GMT 2005

I'm installed solid Db for Solaris 8. 
I succeeded in making a connection as A client (./solsql "tcp <IP>
<Port>" user password)
But I don't know how to configure \ connect ODBC solid driver into unix
ODBC, it is necessary for our ETL tool (Ascential DataStage)   
I have unix ODBC version 2.1.1 
Please send me details how to install \ configure the Solid DB driver in
Unix ODBC. 
What we are trying to do is to collect data from w2k solid db server
into our Solaris 8 data wearhouse by Unix ODBC. We would appreciate any
help on this issue.

Best Reagards
Eran Falk
Cellcom Israel

972 52 - 9980886
972 52 - 4677730

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Thank You.

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