[unixODBC-support] driver logging

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Fri Mar 4 16:32:32 GMT 2005

Eric Sharkey wrote:

>>Try getting the distribution and see what the difference is, it 
>>certainly builds ok here, and the binary builds I did were from the 
>>distribution tar.
>I'll do that.  Can you "nm -D" your libodbcinst?  Is your build
>exporting the ini functions?
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>unixODBC-support at easysoft.com
         U access
         U argz_create_sep
         U argz_insert
         U argz_next
         U argz_stringify
         U atoi
00011bb8 A __bss_start
000047bc T check_ini_cache
         U closedir
         U __ctype_b_loc
         w __cxa_finalize
         U dlclose
         U dlerror
         U dlopen
         U dlsym
00011884 A _DYNAMIC
00011bb8 A _edata
00011bbc A _end
         U __errno_location
00009fcc T ___extra_func_to_mollify_linker
         U fclose
         U feof
         U fgets
0000da9a T file_not_found
0000f800 T _fini
         U fopen
         U fprintf
         U free
000065e4 T __get_config_mode
         U getenv
         U getpwuid
         U getuid
         w __gmon_start__
00007f18 T iniAllTrim
00008008 T iniAppend
000082c8 T iniClose
0000832c T iniCommit
00009a88 T iniCursor
00009c48 T __iniDebug
00008274 T iniDelete
00009d7c T _iniDump
00009680 T iniElement
00009970 T iniElementCount
00009778 T iniElementEOL
0000986e T iniElementToEnd
000099fc T iniGetBookmark
00009a4c T iniGotoBookmark
000083c0 T iniObject
00008834 T iniObjectDelete
00008968 T iniObjectEOL
00008428 T iniObjectFirst
000086dc T iniObjectInsert
00008490 T iniObjectLast
000084f8 T iniObjectNext
00009ad8 T _iniObjectRead
00008578 T iniObjectSeek
00008604 T iniObjectSeekSure
00008674 T iniObjectUpdate
000089a0 T iniOpen
00008d34 T iniProperty
000092dc T iniPropertyDelete
00009400 T iniPropertyEOL
00008db0 T iniPropertyFirst
0000919c T iniPropertyInsert
00008e14 T iniPropertyLast
00008e78 T iniPropertyNext
00009b7c T _iniPropertyRead
00008eec T iniPropertySeek
00009030 T iniPropertySeekSure
000090fc T iniPropertyUpdate
0000944c T iniPropertyValue
00009f70 T _iniScanUntilNextObject
00009ed4 T _iniScanUntilObject
00002b68 T _init
0000961c T iniToUpper
0000959c T iniValue
0000735c T inst_logPopMsg
000072b8 T inst_logPushMsg
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses
0000e154 T list_files_by_dir
0000a054 T logClose
00009fd4 T _logFreeMsg
0000a10c T logOn
0000a138 T logOpen
0000a210 T logPopMsg
0000a344 T logPushMsg
0000a4f8 T logPushMsgv
0000a504 T _lstAdjustCurrent
0000aa08 T lstAppend
0000ab08 T _lstAppend
0000ab68 T lstClose
0000ac04 T lstDelete
0000acb8 T _lstDeleteFlag
0000a634 T _lstDump
0000ad10 T lstEOL
0000ad44 T lstFirst
0000a760 T _lstFreeItem
0000adc8 T lstGet
0000ae20 T lstGetBookMark
0000ae64 T lstGoto
0000aedc T lstGotoBookMark
0000af0c T lstInsert
0000b02e T _lstInsert
0000b0d4 T lstLast
0000b15c T lstNext
0000a8bc T _lstNextValidItem
0000b1ec T lstOpen
0000b294 T lstOpenCursor
0000b3b8 T lstPrev
0000a930 T _lstPrevValidItem
0000b448 T lstSeek
0000b4c8 T lstSeekItem
0000b540 T lstSet
0000b5cc T lstSetFreeFunc
0000a9a8 T _lstVisible
0000df84 T lt_argz_insertdir
0000b7c6 T lt_dladderror
0000eb64 T lt_dladdsearchdir
0000f192 T lt_dlcaller_get_data
0000f008 T lt_dlcaller_register
0000f056 T lt_dlcaller_set_data
0000e3b4 T lt_dlclose
0000e984 T lt_dlerror
0000c172 T lt_dlexit
0000ef8a T lt_dlforeach
0000e2aa T lt_dlforeachfile
000117c0 D lt_dlfree
0000eef6 T lt_dlgetinfo
0000ede2 T lt_dlgetsearchpath
0000ef54 T lt_dlhandle_next
0000bf6a T lt_dlinit
0000ebd6 T lt_dlinsertsearchdir
0000ee94 T lt_dlisresident
0000f22e T lt_dlloader_add
0000f6ba T lt_dlloader_data
0000f750 T lt_dlloader_find
0000f624 T lt_dlloader_name
0000f5c6 T lt_dlloader_next
0000f42a T lt_dlloader_remove
0000ee2a T lt_dlmakeresident
000117bc D lt_dlmalloc
0000b704 T lt_dlmutex_register
0000da62 T lt_dlopen
0000daf8 T lt_dlopenext
0000c0a8 T lt_dlpreload
0000c128 T lt_dlpreload_default
000117e0 D lt_dlrealloc
0000b876 T lt_dlseterror
0000ed0a T lt_dlsetsearchpath
0000e59c T lt_dlsym
         U malloc
         U memcpy
         U memset
00003d4e T ODBCINSTAddProperty
000073a4 T _odbcinst_ConfigModeINI
000034cc T ODBCINSTConstructProperties
00003ac0 T ODBCINSTDestructProperties
000077b8 T _odbcinst_GetEntries
00007680 T _odbcinst_GetSections
00003bc4 T ODBCINSTSetProperty
00007588 T odbcinst_system_file_path
000075d0 T _odbcinst_SystemINI
00007484 T _odbcinst_UserINI
00003e40 T ODBCINSTValidateProperties
00003e4c T ODBCINSTValidateProperty
         U opendir
         U printf
         U readdir
000047c6 T save_ini_cache
000065c8 T __set_config_mode
         U sprintf
00003e58 T SQLConfigDataSource
000041a4 T SQLConfigDriver
00004454 T SQLCreateDataSource
00004558 T SQLGetAvailableDrivers
00004590 T SQLGetConfigMode
000045b8 T SQLGetInstalledDrivers
000078e0 T _SQLGetInstalledDrivers
000047d0 T SQLGetPrivateProfileString
00004e00 T SQLGetTranslator
0000725e T SQLInstallDriver
00004e1c T SQLInstallDriverEx
000053cc T SQLInstallDriverManager
000054b8 T SQLInstallerError
00007254 T SQLInstallODBC
00007272 T SQLInstallTranslator
0000549c T SQLInstallTranslatorEx
000055f8 T SQLManageDataSources
000059a4 T SQLPostInstallerError
00005c48 T SQLReadFileDSN
0000728e T SQLRemoveDefaultDataSource
00006278 T SQLRemoveDriver
0000655c T SQLRemoveDriverManager
000060a4 T SQLRemoveDSNFromIni
000065bc T SQLRemoveTranslator
0000668a T SQLSetConfigMode
000066c0 T SQLValidDSN
00006918 T SQLWriteDSNToIni
00006bf4 T SQLWriteFileDSN
00007ca4 T _SQLWriteInstalledDrivers
00006ee4 T SQLWritePrivateProfileString
         U stdin
         U strcasecmp
         U strcat
         U strchr
         U strcmp
         U strcpy
         U strdup
         U strlen
         U strncasecmp
         U strncat
         U strncmp
         U strncpy
         U strrchr
         U strstr
         U strtok
         U toupper

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