[unixODBC-support] 2.2.11

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Fri Mar 4 14:37:05 GMT 2005

Release done, changes are:

Release 2.2.11

    * Fix a couple of typo errors in postgres driver and odbctest
    * Fix problem where ini files could be truncated under heavy
    * Fix potential hang with FILEDSN's if the connect string included
      a DSN= entry as well
    * Don't save the SAVEFILE attribute in the filedsn.
    * Fixed bug that prevented the setting of some attributes via the
      DMConnAttr method
    * Removed the -module entry from the cursor lib, it prevents it
      building on HPUX.
    * Add a couple of extra info types to the pull down in odbctest
    * SQLGetInfoW was returning the wrong length when converting from
      the ANSI call. The same was also going on the other way. Also
      fixed same thing for other calls.
    * Fix incorrect value in SQLFetchScroll in odbctest
    * Fix memory leak in odbcinstQ
    * Check for MOC being found, before building GUI parts
    * Add list of export symbols to libodbcinst
    * Fix a problem in the cursor lib returning blobs
    * SQL_DIAG_NUMBER was being stored and returned as a SQLINTEGER
      instead of a SQLRETURN
    * Check if we can include sys/stats.h in iniOpen.c
    * Fix potential buffer overun in SQLConfigDataSource()
    * Fix problem in odbctest that prevented intervals from being displayed.
    * Cope with SHLIBEXT not being set when finding the cursor lib
    * Add a couple of missing Setup64 checks
    * Small change in __info to conserve memory
    * Add odbcinst.exp to distrib
    * Add missing ODBC2 installer stubs
    * Fix typo in SQLStatistics
    * Not passing user names and password into isql passes NULLS not empty
      strings into SQLConnect
    * Add missing SQLPrepareA from the driver manager export file
    * Make the default for DontDLClose 1, it doesn't do any harm, and fixes
      some segfaults
    * Fix printf format in the postgres driver on 64 platforms

This clears the way for the work on producing a test suite.


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