[unixODBC-support] Problems with finding libverify.so ( when trying to connect using the odbc-jdbc gateway)

Sunitha Kambhampati ksunithaghm at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 20:03:31 BST 2005


I am trying to use the odbc-jdbc gateway to connect to Derby ( embedded 
mode). I had already installed unixODBC before installing the odbc-jdbc 
 I have the datasource setup ok and I can connect to derby via the isql 

But when I try to connect to it via an executable that I have that 
actually uses ODBC to connect to the database,  I am getting the 
following error
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Unable to load native library: libverify.so: cannot open shared object 
file: No such file or directory

My ld.so.conf has the path to the libverify.so as well as libjvm.so.
I exported LD_LIBRARY_PATH to have path to both libverify.so and libjvm.so.

My machine is a Suse 9.2 and the jvm I am using is jdk1.4.2. (sun).

My ld.so.conf  ( part of it looks like this)
include /etc/ld.so.conf.d/*.conf


Is there some way to debug this ? Why is it not able to find libverify.so.

Any help much appreciated.


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