[unixODBC-support] Having trouble finding sql.h (include files)

Sunitha Kambhampati ksunithaghm at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 17:44:52 BST 2005


I am trying to get an odbc application to work on linux that has 
unixODBC installed.  I have got to the point where  I can create db2 
datasource and connect to it using isql.  I have a simple program pretty 
much taken from one example on the site ( odbc.c) , but  during 
compiling, it does not find sql.h.  Doing a find on the system shows 
that only the db2 install has sql.h etc files.  

My question is -
1) should unixODBC install give me all the header files necessary like 
sql.h, sqlext.h  ?
2) if so,  maybe the install of unixODBC didnt happen correctly , how 
can I verify this.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks much,

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