[unixODBC-support] unixODBC and freeTDS column-wise parameter binding

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Sat Jun 11 00:42:18 BST 2005

Martin J. Evans wrote:

> I can confirm that array bound parameters work fine in unixODBC
> with a number of drivers I have. You say "column-wide" and then 
> "parameters" and I can also confirm array bound columns bound to a 
> result-set work fine in unixODBC with various drivers I have here. I'd 
> suggest you would be better directing this to the FreeTDS list.
> Martin
> Alex Zlotnikov wrote:
>> Column-wide parameter binding does not seems to work with
>> unixODBC/freeTDS. Only first set of parameters values are being passed
>> to ms-sql server. The same code works as expected with DataDirect driver
>> and driver manager.  But if  unixODBC used with DataDirect driver, I see
>> the same behavior where only first values are passed.
>> Thank you,
>> Alex
In actual fact the DM has very little to do with this, the pointer is 
passed from the app to the driver without change by the driver manager.


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