[unixODBC-support] unix-odbc : db2 IBM iseries over cygwin

burnsr at richer.ca burnsr at richer.ca
Thu Jul 7 20:39:41 BST 2005

 I'm ( perhaps foolishly) attempting to get isql working on cygwin to 
connect to an ibm iseries DB2 environment, and want to do this without the 
gui ( Qt kde etc) environment.

my objective is an isql session using the cygwin environment as the client 
connecting to the iseries DB2 environment.


a- the ibm linux iseries docs here : 
make it pretty clear that IBM's is just a version of unixodbc

b- the isql code configs, makes and installs fine and appears to runs ( 
well at least it issues it's "help" info)

My questions:

1) I pulled the *s\.so and \.so out of the IBM linux iseries access rpm ( 
via rpm2cpio piped to cpio)  and am attempting to use those drivers. Will 
this work? or do I need some sort of native compilation of the so's ( and 
if so how does one go about doing this?)

2) Assuming the answer to the first question is affirmative and just 
copying the so's is good enough, then: is it sufficient to use the IBM 
iseries ODBC Driver for linux connection strings keywords and values for 
the odbc.ini file?

3) I'm getting "odbcinst: iniOpen failed on odbcini_template." when trying 
to run the odbcinst program to create the odbcini. 
Likely related: trying to "isql DNSnamehere" gets "Bad system call" in 

4) Before I go and burn any more time on this, am I wasting my time?
   Are there better (easier) ways of getting something like a command line 
isql session inside a cygwin session onto a DB2 iseries box?

Many thanks in advance for any insights people here might offer.

Richard Burns
Richer Systems Group

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