[unixODBC-support] LIST TABLES unixODBC & mdbtools on fc3

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Mon Jan 24 15:10:31 GMT 2005

eric belenfant wrote:

> Nick Gorham wrote:
>> eric belenfant wrote:
>>> eric belenfant wrote:
>>>> Hi i use unixODBC- on a Fedora core 3
>>>> and i want to access MS Access databases with mdbtools ...
>>>> i use mdbtools-0.5.1
>>>> here is the odbc.ini file
>>>> and the odbcinst.ini file
>>>> when i try strace isql -v test 2>st.log
>>>> and do list tables i have in the output
>>>> /    SQLRowCount returns 0
>>>> /looping why
>>>> here is the st.log where i can see the testUNIX table ...
>> I would guess SQLMoreResults is not doing what isql is expecting....
> the select * from testUNIX works fine !!!
> what is the job of SQLMoreResults ????
It calls MoreResults to see if there are any more results sets or 
results of executions available.

I only suggest that, as it looks to be looping at the end of the result 
set, and it does call SQLMoreResults at that point.


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